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Celebrate Love

Brooches handcrafted with Love

Brooches handcrafted with Love

Pinup Feminine: The Perfect Valentine's Gift for Your Special Lady Valentine's Day is approaching, and you're on the hunt for that one perfect gift for the woman who brings color to your world. Well, look no further! Pinup Feminine has exactly what you need.


A Tale of Friendship and Creative Chaos Behind Pinup Feminine lies a story of two completely different but oh-so-complementary friends: Judith and Lieke. They're like yin and yang, but with a hefty dose of creative chaos. Together, they've created a collection that celebrates elegance with a playful twist.


Handcrafted with Love and a Touch of Magic

Each piece of Pinup Feminine is handcrafted in their studio, infused with love and a touch of magic. Thanks to the unique magnet system, the jewelry stays perfectly in place without ruining your clothes. They're not just jewelry; they're small pieces of art with a story.


Pinup: A Symbol of Girl Power and Self-Expression The name Pinup Feminine says it all. It stands for pinning down special moments but also for celebrating your own girl power and self-expression. It's an ode to the woman who dares to be her unique self, full of confidence and pride.


Poems to Celebrate Love And as if that weren't enough, we've added beautiful poems to some of our brooches. This adds even more value and meaning to the piece. For example, the poem with the moon might be the sweetest, perfect for giving to the woman of your life. But there's still so much more beauty to discover on our shop!


The Ultimate Valentine's Gift So, if you're looking for a Valentine's gift that's as unique and special as the woman in your life, think of Pinup Feminine. Whether it's for your partner, mother, sister, or friend, a piece from Pinup Feminine will surely bring a smile to her face and warm her heart.


This year, don't just give a gift. Give a piece of art, a piece of love, a piece of Pinup Feminine.

Brooches handcrafted with Love Brooches handcrafted with Love